Fish Species
Lower North Shore
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Fish Species

Brook trout (salvelinus fontinalis)
Brook char
Brook trout are without dispute the queen of Quebec waters. You can find 100% wild brookies on the North Shore. It is one of the most colourful freshwater species and despite being smaller than salmon, it is as ready to fight and undisputed as a delicious dish.

100% wild
On the North Shore, the willingness to keep our brook trout populations wild has become our pride, favouring natural spawning.

Land locked char (salvelinus alpinus)
Land locked char
Land locked char is the most northern freshwater species. You can find smaller fish in isolated schools in some southern lakes. The greater size chars have convinced anglers to migrate on the North Shore in search of this great fish. It is one of the most important species that the Inuit communities close to Quebec Arctic waters fish for food and commerce.

Lake trout (salvelinus naymaycush)
Lake trout
Lake trout is the biggest member of the char family. It can reach considerable sizes in very deep lakes. However, easily reached lakes where trophies can be found are less and less numerous. The isolation of the North Shore certainly contributes to keeping its advantages for the enjoyment of all anglers.

Land locked salmon (salmo salar ouananiche)
Land locked salmon
The land locked salmon is actually an Atlantic salmon exclusively living in freshwaters. Although lake populations do not migrate to sea, they have kept their specific salmonid characteristics.

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